CareerSpace Open Graduate Programme

CareerSpace is the only business in Ireland providing an Open Graduate Programme designed specifically for Graduates working in SMEs.

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Open Graduate Programme

Our programme is open to single applicants from any organisation and builds an engaged cohort of participants from all over the country.

Our expert team provides training in the most in-demand skills and our 1 to 1 coaching support, empowers Graduates to problem solve and implement their learning.

Research shows that businesses who invest in Graduate development, retain them longer, achieving a greater long term return.

Experiential Learning

Engage with the content and stay grounded in the practical application of their new skills.


We provide training to company mentors. Alternatively, mentoring support can be provided.

Tutor Support

Training needs are further supported by our experienced Tutors.

1 to 1 Coaching

Helping Graduates set goals for their personal and professional development.

Technology Enhanced Learning

Cutting edge Learning Management software assists in the delivery of our programmes and utilises a blended learning approach.

Nurture The Potential

When you hire a Graduate, you’re investing in their potential. Nurture that potential by equipping them with the skills they’ll need to thrive and plant the seeds that will shape your business in the future.

Why CareerSpace?

With CareerSpace as your learning partner, you’ll give your organisation the competitive edge when recruiting future-focussed Graduates who are seeking to grow a career in your industry.

Our Open Graduate Programme is designed to help you identify, develop and guide the next generation of leaders in your organisation while empowering them to grow within their role.

It is important to invest in your talent early on in their career and support their development as leaders and change-makers in your organisation and beyond. CareerSpace will help you uncover the potential of your newly recruited Graduates.

Providing a Graduate with a clear roadmap that shows career progression once they reach certain goals, will increase their likelihood to stay in your company for the long term.

Why Hire a Graduate?

Our Open Graduate Programme will do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to! 


Quick to Learn

Their brain is still in learning mode and so the shift from learning in the lecture hall to learning on the job isn’t such a great leap.

Eager to Impress

They bring with them a raw energy and enthusiasm for the job that can become infectious.

Fresh Perspectives

With a proclivity to question everything,  they could bring out the best in an underachieving team or even one that just needs a little boost.

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