You know that hiring graduates puts your company at an advantage by gaining access to new insight, talent, fresh ideas, enthusiasm and an ability to shape your workforce in line with your company culture.

Offering a structured graduate training programmes for new recruits can make your company more attractive to top level graduates and help you gain an advantage in a competitive recruitment landscape. Research shows that graduates are drawn to a company for more than just the salary. People want to work where they can make an impact, develop and be appreciated in the long term.

Let Career Space help you attract, retain and nurture new graduate talent and implement your business strategy by developing the future leaders of your organisation.

We run programmes that allow graduates from multiple organisations come together to develop their skills with the benefit of insight from other organisations.

We can also tailor our programmes specific to your organisation to ensure that you embed the culture and values of your organisation into an immersive experience for these new recruits.

Not sure where to start in planning your graduate programme?

We can help with that too.

More details on the Graduate Programmes available

Tailored Graduate Training Programmes
Career Space can help you design, deliver and implement an effective and impactful graduate training program to further nurture your newly acquired graduate talent.

Covering topics such as innovation, creative thinking, complex problem solving, teamwork, collaboration, leadership end communication, Career Space’s graduate programs equip graduates with future focused transversal skills that can immediately be applied to their work and which will have long term benefits to your organisation.

Designing and delivering the Graduate Programme within your organisation allows you to integrate the focus to align with your company vision, mission and values and ensure that the strategy for your organisation can be fully implemented through people in the form of future leadership and management.

With an experienced team of trainers and coaches, and a dedicated online Learning Management System, CareerSpace can deliver and deliver a programme that suits the needs of your business and your people.

Open Graduate Training Programmes
If your organisation already sees the value that hiring graduates brings, but you don’t recruit enough annually to run a dedicated graduate training program then our open recruitment graduate programme is ideal for you.

The Career Space open graduate program builds a cohort of graduates across multiple organisations and industries to provide the same cutting-edge training and development with the added bonus of the insight gained from the peer element being outside of their existing organisation.

The graduate program has a modular structure which allows for regular intakes throughout the year ensuring that the training can run alongside the on-the-job experience that the graduate gets within their role.

As with all Graduate Programmes, internal Mentoring support equips the Graduate with an insight into your organisation’s culture and values while still developing broader transversal skills through the programme.

We will design the ideal Programme to suit your needs.

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